May 9, 2020

Why do you need Domain Authority?

Nowadays many SEO guys talk about Domain Authority. Do we really need the score? But what is it used for?

Lot of these questions go into our mind. Simple single answer when SEO guys say you need to improve DA to enhance SEO. Actually DA is not a score or a mechanism Google or any search engine pages impact. DA is just a metric generated by Moz for calculating strength of a domain with root links and total links. But again google SERP will not proven records or have impact because of these.

Every website DA score can be checked directly on free moz seo tool and also some other rankz tools available online.

Why my Domain Authority score dropped low

  • Moz reindex did not happen recently
  • High authority sites may have dropped links to your site
  • Lower number of links when moz crawled your site
  • More competition in your category relevant sites

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