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Magento to WordPress
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Unable to access interworx site account panel?
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What are the new features in WordPress 5.2 version?

Main 2 features are fatal error handling and site health status. simple explanation showing the features on site health and how basic computer savvy persons can use this site info

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Google loom - how to delete a video

I got several question on how to delete videos from google loom. Here is an illustration and guide on how to delete the videos that you have recorded. There are 2 ways to get the video deleted First method Go to my videos Select the video Move the video to archive again click the 3 […]

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Why do you need Domain Authority?

Nowadays many SEO guys talk about Domain Authority. Do we really need the score? But what is it used for? Lot of these questions go into our mind. Simple single answer when SEO guys say you need to improve DA to enhance SEO. Actually DA is not a score or a mechanism Google or any […]

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Website not working?

Your website stopped working? Please contact us, we are here to help you out. 404 page not found? Website down contact your administrator? 503 service unavailable error page HTTP Error 400 (Bad Request) HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error) CONTACT US to make your site working and resolve the issue Your wordpress may result in […]

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WordPress Maintenance & Support

We are here to handle all your wordpress website maintenance and you can concentrate on your business. We work on all maintenance related support works on WordPress CMS website platform.

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WordPress Installation and configuration services

When you team doesn’t possess WordPress knowledge we are here to help you!!! We can install and configure wordpress website on your hosting or you can chose our hosting with cPanel. We can provide you various options of themes. We are open to theme builders like Oxygen builder, Divi theme builder, elementor and other new […]

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Secure your wordpress based websites from hackers

WordPress is a commonly used CMS for creating websites, famous for its template system and huge plugin repository. Even though WordPress has been universally accepted as a web content management system, vulnerabilities caused by several plugins cost the website owners a lot. Main cause of vulnerabilities raise from wordpress instances that run with an outdated version. Key […]

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WordPress active installs - Feature added in plugin repository

WordPress has launched a most awaited feature on their plugin repository. Until now wordpress users could only see the no. of downloads for each plugin. This total could be from various version of the plugin and same user also could have downloaded. Most of the wordpress users choose plugin on the below criteria Plugin that matches […]

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