March 5, 2015

WordPress active installs - Feature added in plugin repository

WordPress has launched a most awaited feature on their plugin repository. Until now wordpress users could only see the no. of downloads for each plugin. This total could be from various version of the plugin and same user also could have downloaded. Most of the wordpress users choose plugin on the below criteria

  1. Plugin that matches their requirement
  2. Plugin contains some screenshots, so they could have a look before they download
  3. Latest support provided on the support tab menu
  4. Last update made to the plugin
  5. Even if all the above matches, most would look for number of downloads for that plugin

The number of downloads will be counted when each user downloads the plugin, but users might deleted those for various reasons not compatible, not working, theme dint support,  etc,. So this will not affect the numbers shown on the plugin directory.

As wordpress has introduced ACTIVE INSTALL count, it would be useful for the users to choose from. An excellent feature to show the STATS of downloads by version is also introduced. Hope this will enhance and increase the Plugin Directory usage more.

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